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Dynamite Stix produces premium CO2 extracted medical cannabis products and edibles. We are committed to creating the finest quality products for our patients to enjoy. We will continue to use the newest technologies available and will remain dedicated to researching and developing innovations that will keep us on the cutting edge.

Cartridge design is adaptable to most vape pen batteries.

Customizable, perfect if you already own a vape pen battery. Our Cartridges are cost effective, each unit supplies approximately 250 doses CO2 Extraction for 100% Pure Cannabis, Naturally.

We only use medical grade CO2. Butane and other toxic gases are never used!

Our products are pure and natural. We never use carcinogens in the production of our extracts. Purity means you can trust our product is right for you and our process is carbon neutral

Concentrated and Dewaxed

10:1 ratio, that means 1 gram of oil equals 10 grams of medical cannabis. Dewaxing means that our cartridges flow well and will not clog or thicken. Never diluted or mixed with any other substance- only pure, natural cannabis. Many cannabis suppliers provide 500mg of extract and 500mg glycol or filler – We never use glycol or fillers!

Flavored THC oil made with Speakeasy 710.

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